Better be ^^

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needs to be put up in every school 
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Blue and Silver. #pokemon #gameboy #nintendo

i used to have a red one
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sunnylovestheuniverse → thank you soooo much!!! I'll try to find them on nexflix!! by the way, I'm really sorry i'm wasn't at girls inc anymore, I had track everyday and it was longer than girls inc was, and i thought it was weird for me to go after i got that concussion at the track meet. I really miss you, and your sister! I miss talk with you guys. And tell miss philly i'm really sorry for not going. and thanks again for replying, your the only one you did,lol.

 Oh my god a concussion!?!? Are you ok now???  Yeah it’s ok, your sis told us that you have track and I was aww man. We miss you at girls inc.. and I’ll tell philly for you. OH and the movies I mentioned are like romance, kinda old time movies that I think you’ll like alot :)

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